This is the ARCHIVED WEBSITE for the 2014 Africa in Motion Film Festival.               For up-to-date information visit:

Festival people

Management Team & Curation:

Events Coordinator: Rhea Lewis - [email protected]

Publicity and Marketing Coordinator: James Erwin - [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinator: Genevieve Kay-Gourlay - [email protected]

Press Officer: Ruth Marsh - [email protected]

Hospitality Coordinator: Katharina Kamleitner - [email protected]

Web Development: James Cocker

Web Design: Darlingforsyth

Illustrator and Designer: Modise BlackDice

North Africa Programming Consultant: Stefanie Van de Peer

Graphic Designer: Jamie Young

Trailer Design: Basharat Khan

Festival Interns: Sara Ameti, Ragna Amling, Melanie Berard, Anna Dziwosz, Jon Ssebanakitta, Bea del Valle

Special thanks go to all our volunteers whose commitment to the festival is crucial to its success.

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