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On this page you will find video and audio clips for AiM 2012. 

Africa in Motion 2012 Highlights Video

5:20 English

Dear Mandela

2:06 English

Africa Shafted

1:52 English


2:00 English

Restless City

1:46 English

Otelo Burning

2:24 English

Quartier Mozart

1:58 English

Les Saignantes

1:40 English


2:02 English


1:36 English


1:58 English


2:04 English

Colour Bar

3:33 English

Cry Of Love

6:41 English


1:19 English

Rouge Parole

2:36 English

Yellow Fever

1:18 English

Mama Goema

1:34 English

Stocktown X

1:11 English

Sunday in Brazzaville

1:31 English


4:29 English

Twende Berlin

3:28 English

The Noise of Cairo

3:00 English


2:45 English

Africa in Science Fiction Talk

Listen to a talk on African science fiction that Lizelle gave at the Arnolfini arts centre in Bristol, in conjunction with their exhibition Super Power: Africa in Science Fiction 

RFI interview

Listen to an interview Lizelle did with Radio France Internationale on African cinema, in the run-up to the 2012 Cannes film festival

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