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19 November 2014

AiM Interview | Vincent Moloi

Vincent Moloi is an accomplished South African filmmaker who has worked on several documentaries, TV series and short films. He was the winner of this year’s Africa in Motion Short Film Competition with his film Berea Read more

9 November 2014

AiM Blog | Steve Busts A Rhyme

Steve Anderson is part of the Edinburgh AiM 2014 Volunteer team. Here are his impressions on this year's volunteer experience! Read more

8 November 2014

AiM Blog | My Mali

Marcy Pursell has been a key member of the Africa in Motion volunteer team for two consecutive years. A native of Nebraska, USA, and a recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh, here she shares a few thoughts on volunteering, her time spent in Mali and the Malian films in... Read more

7 November 2014

AiM Interview | Emma Christopher

Emma Christopher is a Historian, writer and campaigner who has worked extensively in West Africa. Her first book, Slave Ship Sailors and their Captive Cargoes, was hailed as “the most important book on the Atlantic slave trade in a very long time”; her second book, A Merciless Place, jointly won... Read more

3 November 2014

AiM Interview | Merlin Pitois

Merlin Pitois is distribution and communications manager for Ali n' Productions & Zaza Films Distribution in Casablanca. Ali N’ is Nabil Ayouch’s company, created as a production and distribution base for his many wonderful films such as Ali Zaoua (2000) which we screened at Africa in Motion in 2011. Read more

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