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9 November 2014

AiM Blog | Steve Busts A Rhyme

Steve Anderson is part of the Edinburgh AiM 2014 Volunteer team. Here are his impressions on this year's volunteer experience!

Volunteering with AiM,
Has been a massive joy;
Alongside the fabby volunteers,
Both the girls and boys.

Plus Lizelle the founder,
Natalia, and Justine;
Rhea and the dual role James,
Are such a brilliant team.

And special thumbs up goes to one,
Not cause she rhymes with 'Steve';
But rather for her awesomeness,
The one called Genevieve.

We've seen great movies from Africa,
The north, the south, and west;
Of all the films that I have seen,
I liked Difret the best.

We've even had directors,
Along for Q & A's;
Have honoured us with their presence,
Nearly every day.

The historic Filmhouse - what a place,
To base our festival;
The decoration's vibrant,
The atmosphere is brill!

So thanks again for having me,
To G and to the team;
Plus for creating this festival,
I'll see you 2015. :)


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