This is the ARCHIVED WEBSITE for the 2014 Africa in Motion Film Festival.               For up-to-date information visit:

South Africa at 20

South Africa is celebrating 20 years of democracy and freedom this year! The arts – including music, film, theatre, literature and visual arts – have played a pivotal role in the anti-apartheid struggle and the important role of creative expression in South Africa continues today.

Africa in Motion has teamed up with the 4 other African film festivals in the UK to organise a touring programme of South African cinema called South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour

We are co-hosting with the University of Glasgow a one-day symposium, Twenty Years of Democracy: Art and Activism in South Africa, on Wed 3 Dec 2014.  

We have also partnered with the live performance programme Afrovibes, to organise screenings of South African cinema alongside live performances of South African music, theatre and dance. 





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